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The Original No Appointments Salon

Email us at: contact@juliancutter.co.uk

Meet the Team

Each of our Salons has an enthusiastic team who pride themselves in providing high quality work within a relaxed and friendly Salon atmosphere

Cutters - Julian, Abi, Kelly, Michaela, Stacey and Millie

Julian Cutter - Karen, Abi, Shelley, Jo, Louise, Millie and Grace

The Cutting Shed - Mel, Lisa, Louise, Georgia and Rachel

Karl Lindekam - Lorraine, Cath, Anne and Joe

Headmasters - Michelle, Jessica, Zoe, Sarah, Emilee and Rachel

Cutter & Co - Rachael, Svaja, Laura, Leisa, Liana and Noah

Your Stylists Are..

Each of our team work on different days so please call first if you require a specific stylist